Izzy Patch Imaging

by Paul Strasser

I'm a photographic hobbyist and Imagest. Meaning, I have taken all the photographs you see on this site. When I take a picture of a subject, I have an idea of what I think it should look like in my mind.


I take the image back to my studio, and like an artist does, I paint it on my canvas, but my canvas happens to be electronic.


From the image and what I see in my head..I then create high quality electronic images of these pieces of art.


Each image means something to me. I have created something that I and others can enjoy. Like the old saying, "beauty is in the mind and eye of the beholder"

Where does the name Izzy Patch come from?


Izzy comes from my name for my granddaughter and patch comes from me calling her pumpkin when I see her. It reminds me of a pumpkin patch. 'hey pumpkin!'