Who is Izzy Patch Imaging?

Izzy Patch Imaging is a company started by Paul Strasser to show and sell photographs that have been taken through the years. These photographs are typically landscape and wildlife photo's.

In addition, Izzy Patch Imaging is also available for portrait sessions. To learn more about Izzy Patch Imaging and Paul Strasser, please click on the ABOUT page of the website.

How do I Purchase Prints From This Site?

If you'd like to purchase Art Work? - Click on the Shopping Cart to start the purchase process from prints to wall art to metal prints!

Do you have a Studio for Portrait Sessions?

No, the short answer is I have no room. I work out of a small office and can not possibly fit one more person in it :)

Is Custom Printing Available?

Thank You for asking!

Yes! Custom prints are available. If you need a print in Black & White? or you want verbiage printed on the print? we can do it. Please contact me so we can make that happen

How do I schedule a Portrait Session

Great Question!
You can Book a session through Book Now on my Website or you can Contact me to schedule a session