Izzy Patch Imaging


Izzy Patch Portraits

by Paul Strasser...

​I'm a photographic hobbyist and story Teller.

My day job is being a System Engineer with a national company.

I enjoy cooking, the outdoors and most of all, spending time with my family (wife, children and my granddaughter Izzy!)

Izzy happens to be the namesake for my company... Izzy Patch Imaging

Where does the name Izzy Patch come from?

Izzy comes from my name for my granddaughter and patch comes from me calling her pumpkin when I see her. It reminds me of a pumpkin patch.

'hey pumpkin!'

Izzy Patch Portraits (IPP) is a sub-business of Izzy Patch Imaging. IPP turns life's special moments into a lasting treasures forever in pictures form.

IPP is owned and operated by me, Paul Strasser and I run IPP and Izzy Patch Imaging out of my home in Willoughby, Ohio and I very much enjoy taking in the beauty of this great state.

My inspiration had started as a hobby years ago and I found I have an eye for capturing just about everything, from re-imagining the world to a persons mood and even the softest side of the hardest object.

Nothing makes me happier than knowing you are happy with your experience working with me

Zech & liz

Two young people starting their life together. A special time photographing them in an Apple Orchard.

Rory & Keshia

Fantastic couple to photograph... very existed for them and their growing family!